Twenty Cool Knit Sweater Patterns to Try

Hey everyone! I know you’ve all seen me rocking sweaters but did you know I actually make them myself? It’s true, and you can do it too with free sweater pattern instructions from the internet. Below are twenty to-die-for patterns. Give them a try.

Coastal Village (PDF)

I love the wintertime! There’s nothing like eating a gingerbread cookie and sipping hot cocoa while staring out the window at the snow-covered trees and houses. The downside is that it’s really cold outside. Now you can experience the winter all day, every day with this Coastal Village sweater design from Sweaterscapes!

Weasley Sweater

I loooooove Harry Potter, which is why I was so excited when I found out that I can have a sweater just like Weasley! Alison at Knitsmiths assures us that it’s easy enough for someone with no prior knitting experience. It will just take some patience.

Diagonal Lace Pullover

The woman in the picture is not bending to the left, but it looks like she is because the pattern on her sweater is diagonal in such a way that it always makes her look like she’s in a cute pose. Who said pullovers are only supposed to keep you warm and covered?


At first I thought this was a light show walking down her driveway to get the mail. On second glance I discovered it was a girl in a really neat and colorful sweater! This knitting project of intermediate difficulty will have eyes following you.

The Bathrobe Cardigan

Some lazy days I just can’t decide if I want to wear a bathrobe or my cardigan. Now I don’t have to! The bathrobe cardigan has the shape of a bathrobe, but the style and material of a cardigan sweater. Too cute!

Lace Collared Cardigan

So maybe you like the idea of the Bathrobe Cardigan but it’s too robe-like for you. NO PROBLEM! The Lace Collared Cardigan has the same general design and belt but it features a sleek pattern around the neck. It also looks a lot thinner.

Folds One Button

Are you the type of person with chilly shoulders but a warm chest and arms? Sounds like you should try the Folds sweater pattern. The outer and inner edges boast two completely different, but very complimentary patterns and the sweater is held closed by one big, cute button right in the front.

UnGranny Smith

I always wanted to be an apple. Now I can with the UnGranny Smith cardigan! A slight, but recommended addition is beaded skein which the instructions cover. Beads will make you shine like the dewdrops on the apple you’re mimicking.

Tangerine Smoothie

When you wear the Tangerine Smoothie cardigan from Creative Knitting, you will look like a creamsicle. Be advised, this is a very light sweater for those nights that are just a bit too cool.

Ephemera Cardigan

You will look simply ephemeral in the Ephemera Cardigan from Berroco. This easy to stitch sweater is adorable and dons crocheted flowers. There is also a pullover variety!

Elegant Noro Yarn Cardigan

Show everyone how colorful you are with the rainbow pattern on this cardigan from AVC Knitting Patterns. Stitching them over a black base will bring light to a dark wardrobe.

Classic Glam Cardi

Maybe you’re not looking to stand out or stitch a unique project. Try the Classic Glam cardigan from Red Heart Boutique. Wash away the bad chi with its sexy and uplifting wave pattern.

Point Print Cardigan

I’m amazed this is even a sweater, but that’s what’s so cool about it! The Point Print Cardigan looks like a standard button down shirt but it’s really a warm, cotton sweater just waiting to be adorned.

Cropped Cardigan

The Cropped Cardigan from Mango Moon will turn rainy April into springtime delight. It is made from tie dyed Viscose and some neat Bumble Bee yarn around the neck and wrists. The cropped cardigan is more for style and arm warmth as it leaves most of your chest and stomach uncovered.

Cable Cardigan, 1942

It’s 1942. The U.S. is entering into the Second World War, but there is another problem plaguing this nation: a lack of style. That’s when Alice Carroll designed the Cable Cardigan. Retro and refined, yet comfortable and free, the Cable Cardigan has stood the test of time.


Do you like bows but hate how pretentious they are sometimes? Why not stitch one right into the center of your cardigan! Add some crocheted flowers for added kitschy detail. Be forewarned, this one’s for advanced knitters only.

I feel guilty. I’ve been writing about sweater designs for women but I’ve left out the other important group: pets. Here are sweater ideas for those loyal animals.

i-Matey Dog Coat

Dogs are cute; pirates are sexy, so why not combine their best qualities and dress your dog up like a pirate? This isn’t just a sweater, either. It’s a sweater, collar, bandanna triple combo!

Autumn-Halloween Dog Sweater

It sure does get chilly in October. You might be donning your favorite sweater, but you don’t want the dog to feel cold and left out. Stitch them the Autumn-Halloween Dog Sweater and they’ll fit right in with the falling leaves on your mid-morning walk.

Ferret Sweater

Sweaters aren’t just for dogs and people. Ferrets can wear them too. Knitting them a sweater is not unlike making a wool sock. Give it a go! Just don’t forget the arm holes.


Finally: a sweater for an animal that doesn’t live in the house. That’s right, keep everyone’s favorite farm animal cozy this winter with Goatbaby sweater patterns!